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Challenged Sports Exchange

The Challenged Sports Exchange (C.S.E.) t-ball team was formed in 1991, with the assistance of The Arc of Central Virginia, to provide individuals with special needs in the area an opportunity to participate on a sports team adapted to their unique abilities. The t-ball/softball team played under The Arc until 2003 when they became a program of The City of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department. The move to the city made it possible to expand the C.S.E. program from three and a half months of t-ball to a full year of recreational activities and athletic programs.

These programs include basketball, bowling, tennis, hot wheels, golf, crafts, line dancing, t-ball/softball and fishing. Programs are all adapted to the participants’ abilities and are only made possible by volunteers from the community, local colleges, provider agencies and the families of those participating.

In 2005, C.S.E. Inc. acquired its own 501c3 non-profit status and three years later established an office and withdrew from the City of Lynchburg Parks and Recreation Department. The C.S.E. has remained a partner with the city to assist special needs individuals in the Central Virginia Region.